At 855 New Light we design, and manufacture top quality LED lighting products reducing energy consumption by up to 85%. All of our products come with a no hassle 3-year warranty. All of products are are UL, CE, DLC certified and go through rigorous testing ensuring the end user will have years of savings with a quality product. 855 New Light leads the industry in advanced solid state lighting systems by providing LED tube and LED panels at the most competitive price. We are always committed to designing outstanding products that achieve best-in-class lumen-per-watt-per-dollar performance. 855 New Light also offers installation services for medium to large customers whether around town or across the country. 855 New Light's installation team can mobilize anywhere. With our high level of training and expertise, we get the job completed fast. Another great advantage to using our installation service is once our product is installed by our team your warranty shifts from 3 years to 5 years for both parts and labor!!